Editor in Chief:

        Pr. ALKAMA Djamel

            Email. dj.alkama@gmail.com

 A Professor in Architecture and urban design and has over then 30 years teaching in architecture and urban design for under and post-graduate studies, he is a supervisor of many, researches projects, master and Doctoral thesis, his fields of interrest are mainly archietcture and urban design in arid lands.

Publication record are available on:https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Djamel_Alkama


Editorial Board:

  •  Mme. Sakeur. N.

                       Civil Low Researcher.

                       Email. Admin@oasesvox.com

  • Mme. Besma. A.

                       Researcher in Financal Sciences.

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  Advisory ScientificBoard:



                       Researcher in Architecture.

                       Institute of architecture and town planning, department of architecture and town planning, university of batna 1, algeria.

                       Email. abdelhalim.assassi@gmail.com


  • Dr. Nadhir LEBAAL

                       Researcher in Mechanics & Energy.

                       Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Carnot de Bourgogne - site UTBM - Equipe COMM-/UMR CNRS 6303 / Univ. Bourgogne Franche Comté (UBFC) FRANCE

                       Email. nadhir.lebaal@utbm.fr


  • Dr. Eltaib Elmubarak

                       Researcher in Electrical Engineering

                       Alzaim Alazhari University, faculty of engineering, electrical department, Sudan

                       Email. eltaibmubarak@yahoo.com


  • Dr. Fuad Kreishan

                       Researcher in Economics

                       University of Bahrain, College of Business Administration, Department of Economics and Finance, Bahrain

                       Email. fuadkreishan@gemail.com


  • Dr. Hadi Shateh

                       Researcher in Architecture & urban design

                       Department of Architecture & Urban Planning, Faculty of Engineering, El-Mergib University, Libya.

                       Email. Hasshateh@elmergib.edu.ly


  • Dr. Hany El-Ganal

                       Researcher in Envirenmentel Physics

                       Physics department, Faculty of science, Assiut University, Egypt

                       Email. hanyelgamal2000@yahoo.com


  • Dr. Mohamed Ashry

                       Researcher in Biology and Animal Science

                       Postdoc, department of Animal Science, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824, USA

                       Email. m.ashry@daad-alumni.de


  • Dr. Mohammed Bekkar

                       Researcher in History

                       Faculty of Human and Social Sciences Department of Social Sciences Hassiba Ben-Bouali University, Chlef, Algeria

                       Email. medbekkar1961@gmail.com